Dr. Blue

Real Name

Dr. Blue (presumably)

First Appearance

Active Comics #18 (August-September 1944)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Marc L. Borgatta

 Golden Age Origin

Dr. Blue was a brilliant (and famous) criminologist based out of Ontario who solved numerous mysteries with the help of his pugilistic assistant Blackie.

Notable enemies included crime boss "Blubber" Larson, trigger man "Snake Eyes" Quirk, the "mystic" Mr. K, and Torgo the Japanese master of disguise.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Active Comics #18-26
  • "WOW" Comics #22 (single panel cameo)


  • Although they didn't have a "crossover" per se, Dr. Blue and Blackie did appear in a Penguin strip wherein the masked vigilante broke the fourth wall specifically to advertise the other strip's upcoming debut (Dr. Blue even acknowledges that their appearance is nothing more than a shameless plug).
  • The Bell Features team were obviously very enamoured with the Dr. Blue and Blackie strip, making it the lead-in story for every single issue of Active Comics it was featured in and the cover feature for at least two (Active Comics #19 & 24)
  • Dr. Blue's last adventure was a meta-textual look at the world of comic book production, with the murdered victim a cartoonist named Abriam Ingle (an obvious parody of Nelvana and Penguin creator Adrian Dingle).

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