Dr. Blue & Blackie

Real Name

Dr. Blue

First Appearance

Active Comics #18 (August-September 1944)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Marc L. Borgatta ‎


Dr. Blue was a brilliant (and famous) criminologist based out of Ontario who solved numerous mysteries with the help of his pugilistic assistant, Blackie.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Active Comics #18-26
  • "WOW" Comics #22 (single panel cameo)


  • Although they didn't have a "crossover" per se, Dr. Blue and Blackie did appear in a Penguin strip wherein the masked vigilante broke the fourth wall specifically to advertise the other strip's upcoming debut (Dr. Blue even acknowledges that their appearance is nothing more than a shameless plug).
  • The Bell Features team were obviously very enamoured with the Dr. Blue and Blackie strip, making it the lead-in story for every single issue of Active Comics it was featured in and the cover feature for at least two (Active Comics #19 & 24).
  • Dr. Blue's last adventure was a meta-textual look at the world of comic book production, with the murdered victim a cartoonist named Abriam Ingle (an obvious parody of Nelvana and Penguin creator Adrian Dingle).

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