Doctor Chuda

Real Name

Dr. Chuda

First Appearance

Famous Funnies #74 (September 1940)

Original Publisher

Eastern Color

Created by

Jack Kirby

Golden Age Origin

Dr. Chuda claims that he is more than 50,000 years old, the last surviving member of his race, kept alive by his own science. Little is known about the history or nature of his race, but Chuda himself is a short humanoid (around 4' tall), with an extraordinarily large head and powerful brain.

Chuda has kept himself hidden from most of humanity over the millenia, preferring to exercise discretion so that he can perform his experiments in private. Scientific advancement is what seems to drive Chuda, though he also seems to have little regard for morality. He has hired gangsters to do his dirty work, and Chuda himself seems to be willing to kill. His actions brought him into conflict with the hero known as the Lone Rider.

Though he speaks in a common vernacular, and smokes almost constantly, Chuda is possessed of an incredible, possibly superhuman intellect. His mastery of science has allowed him to prolong his own life for thousands of years, and he has also built some very advanced robots. In addition, his powerful brain allows him to control others telepathically.

Golden Age Appearances

Famous Funnies #74-80