Dr. Electra

Real Name

Dr. Electra

First Appearance

Triumph Comics #31 (June 1946)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created By

John Hollis Mason and Adrian Dingle


Dr. Electra was a scientific genius who had become a prominent crime boss through the creation of his deadly "atom ray." After becoming seemingly untouchable, his criminal empire was finally threatened when a reporter witnessed him murdering a small-time bookie.

Ironically, Electra's efforts to silence the reporter brought him into direct conflict with the super-heroine Nelvana, who killed the super-criminal by redirecting an atom ray blast back into Electra's face.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Triumph Comics #31


  • Dr. Electra's only appearance also marks the only time Adrian Dingle did not write the story (though he did still provide the art).