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Dr. Fission
from Black Terror #22

Real Name

Dr. Fission

First Appearance

Black Terror #22 (1948)

Original Publisher


Created by

Unknown writer and Sheldon Mayer

Golden Age Origin

Doctor Fission was a pre-eminent atomic scientist and friend of the Black Terror. (Perhaps he was one of his college professors, who seem to lead interesting lives.) He invented a time machine driven by atomic power and invited the Black Terror and Tim to test it out. They landed thousands of years in the future, when the ocean had swallowed up the former location of the Terror's home city. They escaped but were captured by fishermen who captured them as spies. The Terror Twins rescued Dr. Fission from Kroll Mull with the help of Bo Briantus and dredged up the time machine with an "atomic derrick." They returned to the present with a little memento of the future, and Bob Benton told his story to the Fibbers Club.


Golden Age Appearance

Black Terror #22

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