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Dr. Franz

Real Name

Dr. Franz

First Appearance

Mystery Men Comics #5 (Dec.1939)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Charles Nicholas

Golden Age Origin

Dr. Franz is a druggist and creator of the blue chain-mail "beetle suit" (in radio program) and the Vitamin 2-X formula the Blue Beetle used to fight crime. He generally helped Dan from the pharmacy. He did have one known adventure outside the pharmacy.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Mystery Men Comics #5-8, 14-25, 27-30
  • Big 3 #1-7
  • Blue Beetle #1-8, 10, 11
  • Mystery Men Comics #1 (as Abe)?
  • Blue Beetle #58 (as Dr. Kranz)?


  • Abe, as seen in Mystery Men Comics #1, is Dan's longtime druggist friend. It is possible that this is Dr. (Abraham?) Franz, in later appearances, as this is never explained. If so, this will make Mystery Men Comics #1 Dr. Franz's first appearance.
  • Dr. Franz, nor Vitamin 2-X, are used in the Holyoke Blue Beetle issues (#12-30).
  • Called Dr. Kranz in Blue Beetle #58

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