Dr. Thirteen

Real Name

Dr. Thirteen

First Appearance

Doll Man #4 (Winter, 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Bryant?

Golden Age Origin

Dr. Thirteen was a notorious killer for hire, who enjoyed inspiring fear in his victims by making their superstitions come true. He usually did his killing on Friday the 13th. He was hired by Martin Gorham, renting agent of the Everest building, to scare tennants out of the Jenks building across the street by killing people on the thirteenth floor. He successfully killed several residents, making their deaths look like accidents before the hero Doll Man tracked him to his headquarters in Room 1313, and captured Gorham. Dr. Thirteen managed to escape.

Dr. Thirteen's weapon of choice was a large spiked mace, but he was also known to use a gun. He was a large and athletic man, capable of lifting a woman over his head and scaling the sides of a building with ease. He was also very stealthy, able to appear and disappear from a room without being noticed.

Golden Age Appearances

Doll Man #4

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