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Dr. Tom Brent

Real Name

Tom Brent

First Appearance

The Young Doctors #1 (Jan. 1963)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill & Charles Nicholas


Doctor Tom Brent, Young Intern was a spin-off comic based on a minor character from The Young Doctors. This comic lasted five issues, and had a similar composition to The Young Doctors: two stories featuring Tom Brent with a brief romance comic wedged in between. Though ostensibly an intern, Brent always seemed to be handed the most serious cases in the hospital – without supervision – and seemed to practice everything from surgery to pediatrics to psychiatry.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Young Doctors #1, 4, 6
  • Doctor Tom Brent, Young Intern #1-5
  • Cynthia Doyle, Nurse in Love #70-71
  • Nurse Betsy Crane #26-27
  • Three Nurses #23

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