Dr. Voodoo
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Real Name

Dr. Hal Carey

First Appearance

Whiz Comics #7 (March 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

John Hampton


Dr. Hal Carey's parents lost their lives working in the jungles of Brazil tending to the natives, a tribe called the Blancas (because they were “white Indians.")The Blancas raised their son Hal after his parents died. Hal eventually become their leader after he defeated the medicine man Okoro. Dr. Voodoo went on many daring adventures, often accompanied by his girlfriend Maxinya.

During one such adventure Dr. Voodoo meets Queen Zoe, the ruler of a hidden city of gold inhabited by Incans. She wished for the hand of Dr. Voodoo in marriage.

On another adventure, Maxinya was kidnapped by knights who rode from a mysterious European style castle in the middle of the jungle. Dr. Voodoo was told that he and Maxinya would be freed if he retrieved an artifact from the past called "The Golden Flask." A sorcerer sent Dr. Voodoo into the past where he befriended a slave named Nero, and fell in love with Queen Anita. He managed to retrieve the Golden Flask, and was taking it back to England when his adventures abruptly ended, leaving Maxinya's fate unresolved and the mystery of the knights in the jungle unsolved.

In addition to being a skilled medical doctor, Dr. Voodoo was an exceptional fighter and swordsman.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Whiz Comics #7-22

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