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"I am Dr. Kent Marlow... I'm a psychiatrist, a doctor who heals the mind... I specialise in dreams."

The Dreamer

Real Name

Dr. Kent Marlow


The Master of Morpheus, Satan of Sleep

First Appearance

Wow Comics #24 (1944)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Jerry Lazare


A psychiatrist by day, by night Dr. Kent Marlow would set out to solve problems of a different sort as The Dreamer!

Possessing the uncanny power of predicting the future in his dreams, Marlow clad himself in a red cape, green tights with blue trunks and a billowing white shirt, using the two pistols carried on his belt to stop crimes before they could happen!

Under the oval design on his shirt, the word "Morpheus" is emblazoned.

His enemies included The Cane, the crew of the "San Raoul," Rabar of Moon Island, Rabar's minion Nod, and the Polite Pirate.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Active Comics #28
  • Smasher Comics #7 (Cover only)
  • Wow Comics #24-30


An obituary for Johnny Canuck dated April 14, 1978 (published by St. Catharines Standard and done as though the character had been a real-life hero), stated that after the war had ended and Canada no longer needed heroes, Rex Baxter and The Dreamer were working on opening a pavilion for the Island of Doom at Expo ’67.


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