Drox, Viceroy of Venus

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #6 (May 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Frollo


New York City of the 26th century hasn't changed since the 1950s, to preserve a museum of sorts to remind future generations of how great the era of the 1950s was.

Drox, Viceroy of Venus leads an invasion New York City in the year 2553. Planting fast growing, tall Venusian plantlife, the alien flora soon spawns to reach heights of 600 miles and more.

Commodore Rex Clive of the Space Rangers, visiting the city with Stella Dawn, has the water supply cut off, causing the plants to die. Drox is confident the rivers will provide enough aqua, but when the plants reach the ocean, the salt water kills them. Rex orders the Space Rangers to drive off the Venusian ships.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #6

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