The Eagle
The Eagle number 1

Real Name

Captain Bill Powers

First Appearance

Science Comics #1 (February 1940)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Lester Raye


Alternate costume of The Eagle and Buddy.


Wealthy scientist and American patriot, Bill Powers first fought the Nazis as a spy and then put on a patriotic costume and battled them as the Eagle. He was assisted by his sidekick, Buddy.

The Eagle battled many foes, including the likes of the Beast, the Gimp and the Scarecrow. The Eagle was willing to kill his enemies if need be.

Powers and Abilities

At one time, he had wings and could fly. Later, he developed an anti-gravity solution which he soaked his cape in before every adventure. He also possessed great strength.


Public Domain Appearances

  • Science Comics #1-8
  • Weird Comics #8-20
  • Eagle #1-4

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