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The Eel

Real Name


First Appearance

Lightning Comics vol. 2 #6 (April, 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by



The Eel was once a carnival sideshow freak known as Professor Aqua who demonstrated the ability to stay under water for a nearly indefinite amount of time. After years of being stared at, Aqua became tired of being a spectacle. When he realized that he had superhuman strength under water, he decided he could put his powers to use as the slickest criminal in the world. His crimes caught the attention of Lash Lightning, who brought him to justice.

The Eel could stay under water for at least 15 minutes at a time, and may have been able to breathe underwater. In the water, he also possessed tremendous superhuman strength, and he was a very fast swimmer. Initially he used conventional firearms, but later, he began using a electric shock gun, which could electrify an entire ship. The Eel was also a contortionist, and his suit may have been designed to be slippery in the water, making him difficult to grasp.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Lightning Comics vol. 2 #6

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