Emily Ghost

Real Name

Emily Ghost

First Appearance

Strange #2 (June 1957)

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Two inexperienced ghosts, wearing Death-like robes, sought out paid-advice about haunting an old mansion from Emily Ghost, a ghost and author. A werewolf also in need of teaching showed up during the lessons. Two human newlyweds arrived at the mansion, escaping from a storm. The monsters scared them but, only because the young newlyweds (who had eloped) thought they were their parents finding them to have the marriage annulled. This lead the two young ghosts and the werewolf to determine that Emily, although a true ghost, was nothing more than a fraud when it came to teaching how to spook!

Public Domain Appearances

  • Strange #2
  • Dark Shadows vol. #1 #2 (re-print of the earlier story)


Although the story itself wasn't overly funny, it would have to be considered more of a humor story than anything else.

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