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The Magnificent Epod!

Real Name


First Appearance

KO Comics #1 (1945)

Original Publisher


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Epod was a jack of all trades and also a master of them! At least, he thought he was... Being the last known survivor of Atlantis, He had a bit of a problem applying his Atlantean knowledge to modern times. In one adventure, he used his magic abilities to see the future and win at gambling (although something always happened to make him read the spell wrong and he ended up losing all of his money).

Golden Age Appearances

  • KO Comics #1
  • Triple Threat Comics #1
  • Atomic Bomb Comics #1
  • Top Spot #1

Powers and Abilities

With a tripod seat, a bowl, and some incense, Epod was able to conjure up magic spells to see the future.


For being Atlantean, there were never any aquatic features or distinctions added to the character.

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