The Ermine and his animal namesake

Real Name


First Appearance

Star Ranger Funnies #v1 #15 (1938)

Original Publisher


Created by


Golden Age Origin

The Ermine was a mysterious frontiersmen who wore a referable outfit made from the brown summer coat of the ermine on one side and the white winter coat on the other. It allowed for him to blend in to trees and snow. He was an orphan raised by a woman who had lost her husband to a Native American raid. He would help settlers by protecting them from hostile tribes such as the Iroquois. On one occasion he saved Alice Thorn and her brother Jim after natives burn their cabin to the ground. The Ermine was a skilled tracker, was friends with all the forest creatures, and carried a large knife.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Fantoman #2
  • Star Ranger Funnies #v1 #15

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