Galada Eutopas

Real Name

Galada Eutopas

First Appearance

Star Comics #1 (February, 1937)

Original Publisher

Chesler / Dynamic

Created by

Clem Gretter


Eutopas was a ruthless tyrant who ruled the small planet of Mexady, 160 million miles from earth. Eutopas planned to conquer the Earth next, since it had been weakened by another world war. His leading scientist, Kurp Ursulis, had devised a way to move Mexady out of its orbit and through space at tremendous speeds (it took four years to reach earth, so they travelled around 4500 mph), putting it into position for its space fighters to attack. However, after a long war on Earth, the forces of Eutopas were driven back, in no small part, due to the efforts of commander Dan Hastings. Eutopas next decided to use Ursulis's space warper to destroy the Earth, by causing the moon to collide with it. With Earth destroyed and Mexady in its orbit, he believed he would be able to rule the Earth. This plan was also foiled by Hastings, but Eutopas managed to escape to fight again another day.

Eutopas was a brutal man, willing to kill anyone who failed him. He put his enemies in concentration camps intended to break them and he had no pitty for women and children.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Star Comics #1-8
  • Amazing Mystery Funnies vol. 2 #5
  • Blue Ribbon Comics #1
  • Dynamic Comics #18

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