The Express Man

Real Name

Max Murphy

First Appearance

Midnight #1 (April 1957)

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Origin Edit

Max Murphy invented a super-speed formula, to be ingested in the form of little pills. He soon tests his speed by outrunning a deer. an automobile, and a train going 90 miles-per-hour. He calls himself the "Express Man" while outrunning the express train. He uses his powers to rob a bank, but gets away with a worthless pile of shredded, old money. He returns to the bank, but the guard shuts the door on him before he can get through it, causing him to hit the door and be knocked unconscious.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Express Man can reach speeds up to 1,000 mph or more, although he is affected by friction and fatigue. His pill is limited by time, although it's not stated how long a pill lasts or how many he can take in a given time period. Moving at over 100 mph, no witnesses can get a good look at him.

Public Domain Appearances Edit

  • Midnight #1

Notes Edit

  • The story title refers to him as "Speedy, the Sport" however, he never uses that name in the story. He only refers to himself as "The Expess Man."