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Fairyland is usually depicted as a magical pocket universe, or hidden forest filled with extremely green and lush vegitation, beautiful landscapes and many magical creatures, particularly fairies. Often gateways into this realm are found deep in the forests of Earth, making it somewhat ambiguous whether Fairyland is another realm, or simply a place on Earth, that is blessed with fairy magic, and normally hidden from mortal eyes. Sometimes the gates are protected by a scary "enchanted forest." Fairyland generally has magical properties, such as preventing the inhabitants from aging.

In most depictions, Fairyland is not inhabited exclusively by fairies, but by a variety of creatures from myth, including elves, nymphs, dwarves, satyrs, witches, giants, goblins, trolls, dragons, unicorns and more. In some depictions, Fairyland also serves as an afterlife for the spirits of valiant men and women such as King Arthur. It is sometimes a peaceful retirement place for these spirits, or it may be a place where these spirits continue to go on quests and experience endless adventures. Fairyland is sometimes used synonymously with "fairy tale land," the setting of all fairy tales and nursery rhymes, where the characters mingle. Strange, magical realms such as Wonderland, Neverland and Oz are sometimes described as "a fairy land" suggesting that there may be more than one, with unique characteristics. It is known that Oz was a real place in the world, before it was enchanted by the fairy Lurline.

In many accounts, the fairies themselves are said to live in a beautiful valley called, "The Verdure." They are usually ruled by a Fairy Queen, though they have also been ruled by the Fairy King, Oberon. The fairies are often associated with circles of mushrooms, which may serve as a gateway into Fairyland or the Verdure. They frequently kidnap humans and take them to their realm by force.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Fairy Tale Parade #7

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • The romances of Huon de Bordeaux (13th Century)
  • The Faerie Queen (1590) by Edmond Spencer
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream (1596) by William Shakespeare
  • Fairy-Land (1829) by Edgar Allan Poe
  • In Fairyland: A Series of Pictures from the Elf World (1870) by Richard Doyle
  • All the Way to Fairyland (1898) by Evelyn Sharp
  • A Prisoner in Fairyland (1913) by Algernon Blackwood

Public Domain Paintings

  • Study for The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania (1849) by Noel Paton
  • Fairyland (1906) by Edward Reginald Frampton
  • Gates of Fairyland (1922) by Margaret Winifred Tarrant

Public Domain Movie Appearances

  • Le Royaume des fées [Fairyland: A Kingdom of Fairies] (1903)

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