Real Name


First Appearance

Tally-Ho Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Baily Publishing Co.

Created by

John Giunta and Frank Frazetta

Golden Age Origin

The Fang was one of several people that lived on Desolation Island,he escaped his Imprisonment on the Island when its other evil inhabitants decide to banish him, tied and bound he is taken to the icy Arctic where he is stranded. Fang frees himself from his bonds and summons a sea serpent to take revenge on the ship that brought him to the land.  Seeing more people to menace he summons a horde of savages and begins to attack Snowman's tribe. Fang was defeated by him when he is thrown into a crocodile pit. He sought world domination before being defeated by Snowman. He seemed to be capable of summoning and commanding monsters of various kinds, and he also carried a gun.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Tally-Ho Comics #1

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