Fantastic Jack

Real Name

Jack Michaels

First Appearance

Free Universe Forums - August 2010

Original Publisher

Free Universe

Created by

Dominic Bennetts


Born June 12, 1984, Jack Michaels lived rather an ordinary childhood in the island town of Pearl Bay. This town was incredibly secluded, the only connection to the rest of the world being radio communications and a weekly ferry/cargo ship until the advent of wireless phones and Internet. Needless to say, the town was, well… small and set outside of time itself would be a fairly close description of the place, with a population of around a thousand. The children were schooled in the small school complex, and spent most of their free time at the beach, in the bush or on the football field. It was something of an idyllic childhood for Jack, until he reached his adolescent stage.

As he became a teenager, Jack began to realize how very important he was to the world, and that he was talented. Talented enough to be anything he wanted, except a doctor or something, cause he was a little average in the thought department. But he was good at football and playing guitar, and also at fishing, so he was set for life in Pearl Bay. During his late teens, Jack became interested in the hip-hop culture gradually seeming to form in rural Australian areas, for some strange reason, and decided to become an emcee. And he was awesome at it. He was the town master, for his incredible skills with his microphone. He was handsome, he was a musical genius and he had his own boat. Life was set for him.

After high school, Jack got a job working as a barman in the local pub, a pretty snazzy job, as far as he was concerned. It meant it was easy to get gigs on his nights off, and easy to get chicks drunk whether on or off the job. Admittedly, since it was such a close-knit community and he had a long-time girlfriend, he was careful and never took it too far. But the stardom was there. Oh yes, baby. He had a nice little house by the sea, and was planning to add a little seafood café to the side of it, but then disaster struck twice in one day. On a night off from the bar work, Jack was playing a gig, and drank a little too much, then proceeded to get into a filthy argument with the owner of the bar, and promptly smacked the man in the face, before promptly losing his job.

The tragedy didn’t end there, as after losing his job Jack stumbled home to cook something on the barbecue, and managed to set his newly built deck on fire. The blaze quickly consumed Jack’s entire house, and in the process, something was kickstarted in Jack’s traumatized body. Though he collapsed from smoke inhalation, he was out of the small hospital merely a day later, feeling better than ever. As it turned out, he was. Metagenes had become active within him, and he was now the superhero protector of Pearl Bay.

Taking up the name Fantastic Jack, he proceeded to very publicly reveal his superpowers, to revel in the adoration of the townspeople, excited over having their own superhero. But Pearl Bay’s a pretty quiet place, so aside from occasional shipwrecks or environmental risks, Jack’s life is pretty easy.

Current Status

Alive and living it up. Being the adored celebrity of Pearl Bay, Jack has his own little house that was given to him by the council, and gets government funding for being a superhero, so he lives in style, getting up late, wandering around, surfing, fishing, rapping and generally being the most awesome person in the world.

Power and Abilities

Jack’s primary skill is that he’s the single most awesome hip-hop artist in Australia. Actually, let’s cut the crap, the entire world. That’s why the Headforth Point bar loves to book him in all the time, even if the manager does seem to be a little surly to Jack.

In terms of superhero abilities, Jack’s surely the most durable man in the world, only able to be damaged by something equivalent to a direct hit from an artillery shell or the like, so when people occasionally try to shoot him, it only stings a little.

He’s also the strongest man in the entire world, able to lift up to fifty tons unassisted, and he loves the well-defined muscles. So do the girls actually. Everyone loves his muscles.

Because he’s so strong, Jack’s able to leap as far as a hundred and fifty meters in a single bound, further than anybody else on the planet, and he’s able to take the mark in footy, no matter where he is on the field.

Jack’s able to run really fast, at a constant speed of 45 kilometers per hour, which is, of course, faster than anybody else on Earth. In addition, this running speed is backed up by almost limitless stamina, able to maintain such a pace for around two hours.

In combat, Jack calls out his attacks like the heroes in TV cartoons do, and tends to place the adjective "Five-Oh" in front of the attack names, such as "Five-Oh Bullet", "Five-Oh Headbutt" and "Five-Oh Buster", his strongest attack. In writing he translates this as "5-0" and uses it as a reference to his strength capacity.


Jack’s fantastic, he has none. Oh, he doesn’t like golf, he’s rubbish at it. But that’s it.


Jack is about six feet tall, with sun-bleached blondish hair in a surfie style of messy sex all over his head. His broadly built, with wonderful muscles and a taut *** that girls would kill for. Probably have, actually. Sunglasses are a favourite of his, and his common outfit is a t-shirt, board shorts and thong shoes. A general surfie look, no costume or anything.


Everyone in Pearl Bay loves Jack, though nobody loves him as much as he does. Unfortunately, his girlfriend got jealous of his superpowers and left him, pretending that he was being an arrogant *** as her reason, rather than just admitting she was jealous. But that’s okay, because since then he’s taken advantage of the broad spread of women in Pearl Bay, and their fathers or partners don’t mind. Even if they do joke about killing him, Jack can tell. They love him.


  • The whole article is obviously flavoured with his own mental picture of how things are, as he's effectively an arrogant, smug glory hog who honestly believes he is the greatest man in the world.
  • Fantastic Jack is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; author citations are not necessary.

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