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Fearless Flint Logo
Fearless Flint/The Flint Man

Real Name

Jack Bradley

First Appearance

Famous Funnies #89 (December 1942)

Original Publisher

Eastern Color Printing

Created by

Harry G. Peter

Golden Age Origin

Fearless Flint 003

Origin of Flint Fearless Funnies

While excavating near Mt. Rushmore, Jack Bradley, a construction worker, was caught in an explosion and then an avalanche, covering him in a mysterious dust. Later, he discovered that he could transform into flint whenever he became angry. His powers while in this state include superhuman strength and invulnerability. His powers also automatically activate upon coming into contact with metal, but they wear off after a short while unless he touches metal again.

He discovered the explosion was caused by two Pacific islanders under the orders of Lava Man. Jack decided to head to the South Seas to investigate, but the motor of his boat died leaving him stranded and under attack from hostile natives. Jack transformed into Fearless Flint and defeated them easily. He escaped and finds Lewis Stanley who along with his comrades were stranded and need Jack's help to escape. Just then Lava Man tells the natives to burn all the white men's huts. Jack Bradley rushed to the aid of June and her father John Anderson who were under attack.


  • Compare and contrast his powers and trigger with Man o' Metal.
  • Flint is a hard, sedimentary cryptocrystalline form of the mineral quartz. When struck against steel, a flint edge will produce sparks.

Golden Age Appearances

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