Ferrers "The Tiger" Locke

Real Name

Ferrers Locke

First Appearance

"On the Trail" in The Gem #16 (June, 1907)

Original Publisher

Created by

Charles Hamilton

Golden Age Origin

Ferrers Locke was a "Master Detective" who operated in England around the early 20th century. He investigated cases involving an international cadre of criminals, and he was responsible for saving several school boy adventurers, including Tom Merry, Roderick Sylvester and Teddy Baxter, when they were abducted. He briefly became the guardian of Baxter, until the boy's father was found. Eventually, Locke gained a young assistant named Jack Drake, who was a student at Greyfriar's school.

Ferrers was the cousin of Dr. Henry Herbert Locke, the Headmaster at Greyfriar's School, his sister Amy, and his daughters, Molly and Rosalie.

Locke was a highly skilled detective who was good with his fists and usually carried a revolver. In his investigations, he has used the name Robinson more than once to go under cover.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • The Gem vol. 1 #16, 19, 40, 45, vol. 2 #7, 23, 26, 247-248
  • The Magnet #345, 360, 403, 420, 457, 495, 551, 755-759, 770-777, 1193-1194

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