"The Flashing Blade"
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As reported by Andrew Handley:

"The Flashing Blade has only been involved in one incident so far, but it was definitely bizarre. A gang armed with chains and knives attacked two detectives in South Shields in 2007. The detectives were unarmed, but out of nowhere a man leaped into the fight, swinging a katana and shouting, 'Leave him alone, he’s a police officer!' The sword caught one of the gang members on the arm, and the rest of them turned and ran.

After the detectives were safe, The Flashing Blade disappeared and was never seen again. The only description the police got was that he was white, in his 40s, and had a mustache. So, be on the lookout."


"The Flashing Blade" is a name given to him by the British press. He never claimed it himself.

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