Flint Baker

Real Name

Fletcher "Flint" Baker

First Appearance

Planet Comics #1 (January, 1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Dick Briefer

Golden Age Origin

Flint Baker was the son of a scientist who built a rocket capable of traveling around 29,000 mph, and intended to take man to the planet Mars. After his father died, Flint vowed to make the trip to mars. Not expecting to return, Flint selected three former engineers, Harry Parks, Phillip Godwin and Cliff Grant, who were awaiting their respective death sentences in state prison. Mimi Wilson, a reporter for the New York globe also stowed away aboard the ship. The mission to Mars was completed successfully, and the team landed near the city state of Ru. During the course of their adventures, Flint lost his men, but continued to explore the solar system with Mimi. When they returned to Earth, nobody believed Flint and Mimi's stories, until they managed to save the Earth itself from a Venusian invasion. Flint then became the Earth's "Ace Planet Scout."

Although his adventures started in the 20th Century, Flint and Mimi eventually found themselves having adventures several hundred years in the future. There, Flint met the hero Reef Ryan, and the two of them were contracted to work as agents of the Space Rangers, upholding peace and justice throughout the galaxy. Once he joined the Space Rangers, Mimi was no longer allowed to accompany him on his missions. After working with Reef Ryan, Flint got a younger partner named Herc.  He appeared to have a relationship with Herc's guardian, Mary, daughter of the Viceroy of Earth.

Flint was a brilliant scientist, cunning tactician, and skilled pilot. In his early adventures, Flint and his men carried conventional Earth weapons, but later he wielded various types of ray guns and a Martian Electro Saber (which he used to kill giant ray-resistant space creatures). However, he usually relied on his fists and his brawn to defend himself. Flint seemed to have a charm that attracted a lot of female attention without him making any particular effort. Flint's first interplanetary cruiser, The Rogue Star, could accommodate at least 5 people for a number of months, and it had weapon ports. As a member of the Space Rangers, Flint flew more advanced ships that could leave the solar system and he used more advanced technology.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Planet Comics #1-37, 39-61, 63-64, 66-71
  • Rangers Comics (1942 series) #67-68
  • Fight Comics (1940 series) #79
  • Jumbo Comics (1938 series) #167
  • Man O' Mars (1953 series) #1


  • The feature called "Crash Parker" in Planet Comics #10-16 re-used art from early Flint Baker stories.
  • In issues 6-8, there was a character named Crash Barker who possessed a zoom sled. The feature Crash Parker replaced it.
  • The feature Dash Darwin in Lucky 7 Comics #1 was an edited re-print of Crash Parker from Planet Comics #10.

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