Flower Lady & Walter
Flower lady

Real Name

Unknown & Walter

First Appearance

Rulah Jungle Goddess #18 (Sept. 1948)

Original Publisher

Fox Features Syndicate

Created by

Matt Baker


The woman known as the Flower Lady is an expert and collector of rare and exotic plants. She and her husband Walter lived in the jungle near the village of Rulah, Jungle Goddess, and built a collection of very dangerous carnivorus plants. She had developed a dangerous reputation in the region, notorious for abducting people and feeding them to her plants. Walter kidnapped the mate of Tallo, one of the villagers under Rulah's protection. The Flower Lady made the girl smell one of her plants, which emitted poisonous chloride gas. 

News of the abduction spread to Rulah, so she and Tallo went in seach of the girl. They first encountered a Tiger Plant, a massive tentacled plant monster that tried to drag Rulah into it's maw.  With the help of Tallo and Rulah's pet leopard Saber she was freed and made their way to the Flower Lady's garden. The angered Tallo tried to attack the Flower Lady on sight, only to get speared to death by giant plant that threw it's thorns. Rulah was captured, and the Flower Lady planned on feeding her to one of her prized plants.

Rulah attempted to escape, and during the ensuing fight the Flower Lady found herself thrown into the mouth of the very plant she intended to sacrifice Rulah to.


Walter is the henpecked husband and assistant to the Flower Lady. She constantly derided him as uselesss and a fool. He served as her henchman, abducting people to be fed to her deadly plants. Walter was as much trapped by his wife and her deadly obession as the victims he brought to her.

After Rulah had arrived and tried to rescude the girl, Walter started having a change of heart about his involvment. He agreed to help Rulah escape on the condition he could come with her.  The Flower Lady confronted them during their escape, and during the fight Walter tripped on a vine and fell onto the razor sharp leaves of a nearby plant, which killed him instantly.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Rulah Jungle Goddess #18