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Flying Dutchman (Hillman)

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Flying Dutchman

Real Name


First Appearance

Air Fighters #2 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Fujitani

Golden Age Origin

The Flying Dutchman was an aviator from the Netherlands whose family was killed by Nazis. He takes revenge for his family by killing the murderers and then flying as an air mercenary for the Allies. His identity is never revealed but his first name is hinted as being Jan. After each victorious battle, the Dutchman would drop white roses equal to the amount of Nazis he shot down. The Flying Dutchman battled such enemies as the Deathless Brain.


In addition to being an ace fighter pilot, the Flying Dutchman was also a good fist fighter, and usually carried a pair of handguns on his hips.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Air Fighters Comics v1 #2-12, v2 #1-9
  • Airboy Comics v2 #11-12, v3 #1-2, #4-7, #9

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