The Flying Girl

Real Name

Orissa Kane

First Appearance

The Flying Girl (1911)

Original Publisher

Reilly & Britton

Created by

L. Frank Baum (as "Edith Van Dyne")


Orissa Kane was seventeen years old, the sister of a young man who was building his own flying machine. Orissa provided financial support for brother, Stephen, and their invalid mother through her office job, while Steve concentrated on his invention. She also supported Steve emotionally, urging him forward. Steve faced commercial and technical competition, and sabotage by a competitor. When Steve suffered a broken leg in a crash and could not fly, Orissa takes his place. She proved the validity of his craft, and demonstrated her own courage and competence in the process. She won the top prize in an aerial exhibition and got a boyfriend too, without ever losing "her humble and unassuming manner" and her other maidenly virtues.

She later becomes a famous aeronaut. She piloted her brother's newly-designed Hydro-Aircraft for a demonstration in San Diego; she and her companion Sybil Cumberford flew out over the Pacific Ocean but, encountered mechanical problems. The two young women landed on an unknown island off the coast of Mexico, and had to cope with the challenges of being castaways.

Orissa's brother Stephen, along with Sybil's father and other friends, came searching for the "air-maids" in a private yacht; but their vessel was grounded on the same island where the girls had landed. A nearby island was occupied by Mexican bandits; the encounter between the two groups lead to further excitement and complication before the Americans emerged triumphant.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Flying Girl
  • The Flying Girl and her Chum


While the original character who appeared in books published before 1923 is in public domain, any versions published post-1923 are NOT (which, thus far, only includes work by Eric Shanower).

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