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Flying Nurses

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Flying Nurses

Real Name

Sue and Sally Smith

First Appearance

My Secret Life #47 (Sept. 1962)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Sinnott


The twin Smith sisters worked for Emergency Corps, an organization that sent doctors and nurses to medical hot spots all over the world. From forest fires to typhus outbreaks, the Flying Nurses handled it all!

Powers and Abilities

Sadly, no mention of the psychic link Sue and Sally shared in their first story was ever made again — which is a shame, because it really would have come in handy for them!

Public Domain Appearances

  • My Secret Life #47
  • Sue and Sally Smith, Flying Nurses #48-54


Contrary to what the title may lead one to believe, the sisters were not aviators. Airplanes (flown by others) were merely their mode of transportation to and from wherever they needed to be.

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