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Fran Frazer

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Fran Frazer

Real Name

Fran Frazer

First Appearance

Top-Notch Comics #9 (October, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Blair, Irv Novick

Golden Age Origin

Fran Frazer was a world-roving photo journalist who often found herself in the center of dangerous conflicts collecting evidence against the wicked and corrupt. She worked for publications such as Strife Magazine and there was no assignment too dangerous for her. Some considered her lack of fear to be foolish. She was usually accompanied by a male reporter named Hal Davis.

Fran was a resourceful fighter and could generally take care of herself, though Hal was also good with his fists. Fran often used miniature cameras disguised as fasion accessories.

Golden Age Appearances

Top-Notch Comics #9-25

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