Frank Merriwell

Real Name

Frank Merriwell

First Appearance

Tip Top Weekly (April 18, 1896)

Original Publisher

Street & Smith

Created by

Gilbert Patten (as Burt L. Standish)


Frank Merriwell was a highly intelligent, extremely athletic and exceptionally well mannered young man who had many adventures while he was in school. He began as a student at Fardale Military Academy and later attended Yale University. He frequently got involved in solving crimes and stopping bad guys on campus. He also had adventures spanning the world.

Frank was a champion in virtually every sport (particularly baseball, football and track). In fact, he was pretty much an expert at everything. As a baseball pitcher he was able to throw a "double shot" pitch which pitched in two different directions during the course of its flight, making it virtually impossible to hit. In addition to being extremely talented, he was also very happy, outgoing and morally upright. He did not drink or smoke and he was strictly law abiding. Merriwell didn't hold grudges, and never sought out a fight, but when he was forced to, he usually took out his opponents pretty effortlessly. He not only caught bad guys, but often helped to reform them.

Frank had a half brother named Dick Merriwell. Bart Hodge was Frank's rival at Farsdale, but later became a close friend. Frank eventually married his sweetheart, Inza Burrage, and they had a son named Frank Jr. Frank Sr. then started his own academy. Frank's other romantic interest, Elsie Belwood, went on to marry Bart Hodge.

Public Domain Comic Book Appearances

Frank Merriwell at Yale #1-4

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