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Freelance 001

Real Name

Lance Valiant

First Appearance

Freelance Comics #1, July 1941

Original Publisher

Anglo-American Publishing

Created by

Ed Furness and Ted McCall

Golden Age Origin

Freelance never had an origin apart from he grew up in a lost Antarctic tropical valley tribe. He grew up stronger and tougher than regular men. When he reached adulthood he traveled to the civilised world, where he discovered the Second World War in full swing. He was a guerrilla fighter and spy who worked in occupied Europe fighting against the Germans.

He was assisted by his two sidekicks, Big John Collins and Natasha.

He had no superpowers.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Freelance Comics #1-35
  • Grand Slam Three Aces Comics #44


  • The second Canadian superhero (after Iron Man) to appear after the December, 1940, ban on U.S. comics. Much like Iron Man, although Freelance battled the Axis menace all over the world, he too was not particularly Canadian.
Freelance 002

Freelance #1, July-August 1941

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