Golden Age Origin

The Frog

Real Name

"Froggy" Miller

First Appearance

Smash Comics #32

Original Publisher


Created By

Robert Turner and Jim Mooney

Miller was a soldier serving in France who was given the nickname "Froggy" because of his frog-like appearance (popping eyes, big mouth, and bow legs), which he greatly resented. Eventually booted out of the army for being "a coward and a thief," Miller swore revenge on his old unit for their treatment of him.

Donning a costume and calling himself "The Frog," Miller made his first move in the middle of a massive Mardi Gras parade which had an entire float dedicated to honouring his former allies. Hurling a harpoon from a balcony overlooking the parade, he managed to successfully kill his ex-post commander.

Unfortunately for The Frog, among the crowd of onlookers was the super-heroine Wildfire, who quickly gave chase. Initially his defeat seemed inevitable as Wildfire's powers melted his metal harpoon to nothing, but after using a nearby firehose to render Wildfire powerless he was able to easily elude capture.

Expecting further interference from Wildfire, The Frog hired two henchmen specifically to deal with her. While they took care of her, he planned to sneak into the hotel his former unit was staying at so that he could kill the remaining legionaries in their sleep.

While the henchmen were able to successfully chloroform the heroine, they made the mistake of trying to kill her with fire, which only revived her and increased her powers. However, by the time Wildfire was able to confront and defeat The Frog, he has already taken several more lives.

Upon his capture, Miller's murder spree was dubbed "the Mardi Gras murders."

Golden Age Appearances

  • Smash Comics #32

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