G.I. Joe

Real Name

Pvt. Joe Burch

First Appearance

G.I. Joe #10 (1950)

Original Publisher

Ziff Davis

Created by

Henry Sharp


Joe Burch was lazy and girl crazy, but he loved his country and he loved to fight, so he joined the army and shipped off to Korea to fight communists. He frequently butted heads with his superior, Sgt. Mulvaney, even challenging him to fights. However, the two cared about each other and shared many adventures, Mulvaney often acting as the brain and Burch acting as the brawn.

Their company also included Cpl. Carpuccion, "Meatball" Eckersall, "Hoosier" Hawkins, "Weepy" Hoolihan, Zeb McCracken and Lt. Parker. They all reported to Col. Ironsides.

Back home, Susie Evans, Joe's sweeheart since childhood, waited for him. Although Joe tried to let her go, for her own sake, she remained loyal to him. Joe always had a daisy in the band of his helmet, possibly as a reminder of her.

Joe was not especially bright, but he was very strong and very brave. Before the war, he had been a football star. He carried standard issue weapons during the war, though he used his fists just as often.


Not to be confused with the King Features Syndicate, DC Comics, Custom Comics, Marvel Comics, or Hasbro Toys characters of the same codename who (aside from the aforementioned codename) are all different characters and NOT in the public domain.

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