Real Name

John Gateman

First Appearance


Original Publisher

Deviant Art

Created By

Jay Epps


Gatefold was one of the biggest heroes in the '90s. Not really that powerful, but his publicist made sure he got into the news regularly. His leadership of the popular but controversial super team Hard Force lead to comic and merchandising deals worth millions. He was on top of the world in an era of decadence and extreme. Then, he mysteriously disappeared in 1995.

At the time everyone thought some super-villain had targeted him, or maybe the shadowy government agency that was responsible for his power may have wanted him removed. Conspiracies swirled around the story like bees on honey. Though as  details came to light the truth proved rather unheroic and disappointing. It's wasn't some final battle with his nemesis that took him out, nor was it on the orders of a secret government agents (though the government was sort of involved).

Gatefold had himself frozen for tax purposes.

Gatefold thought when he put himself in the cryotube, that his massive tax bill and outstanding debts would be settled thanks to the posthumous boost his merchandise would get. He'd wake up 20 years later, richer and even more famous than before. Sadly his plan fell apart due to his business manager embezzling a large portion of the funds and the two stock market crashes taking the rest.

So now it's 2015, Gatefold is twenty years behind the times, and totally broke. He's not sure what's weirder: this whole internet thing being so big, or his previously unknown daughter is now a hero in her own right.


Gatefold is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish however, you must give the creator, Jay Epps, credit.

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