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George Adams

Real Name

George Adams

First Appearance

Apache Trails #2 (Nov. 1957)

Original Publisher

AB (Farrell)

Created by

Joe Millard, Charles Sultan


George Adams is brother to Rita Adams and Missy Lil Peters (Adams) in a story reprinted and revamped from Crack Western #82.

When George leaves town he puts his sister, Missy Lil Peters, in charge. Missy Lil cross paths with a thug named Bush Peters. Bush Peters has made it appear that Lil killed Sandy Jones, Rita's fiance. Rita goes to confront Lil, accusing Lil of killing Sandy for the bounty on his head. Rita uses the kerchief of Lil's left in Sandy's hand as evidence. Lil figures out only Bush could plant the kerchief on Sandy.While they discuss, Bush's gang robbed the bank. When Missy Lil goes after Bush for the robbery, but he gets the drop on her. George shoots and kills Bush and saves Lil. George looks smilingly over her sisters as they reconcile and says, "One big happy family."


George does not appear by name in the original story from Crack Western #82. The picture of him was in the first published story, but it was an unidentified bystander.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Apache Trail #2

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