Douglas Drew, Ghost-Breaker

Real Name

Douglas Drew

First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #2 (Dec 1948)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Belknap Long, Edmond Good


In the year, 1848, wealthy castle owner Henry Masters becomes jealous when Jane, his wife, goes off with a younger man named Robert. Henry's jealousy is kindled by his friend Carter. When Jane fails to return, Henry decides she's run off with Robert. After locking up the tower Jane loved so much, Masters shoots himself.

100 years later, distant relatives of Henry Masters have inherited the castle. One of the relatives named Andrew decides to defy the wish that no one enter the tower and is soon found dead.

Douglas Drew, Ghost-Breaker, is called in to investigate the matter. He seeks out the ghost of Masters. He holds a seance, and confronts the ghost. In his first encounter, he attempts to ward of the ghost with a relic named, "The Talisman of the Emerald Tree". The ghost laughs at the attempt as ineffectual. After some time, Douglas attempts to enter the tower. The ghost of Masters slips through the barricade set up by Drew. Henry attacks Douglas at the door to the tower. The ghosts of Jane and Robert emerge. Henry and Robert enter into a struggle.

While the pair of ghosts engage in battle, Jane leads Douglas up the stairs. Douglas finds two skeletons, showing that Jane and Robert had been accidentally locked in the room and died of starvation. The ghost of Henry Masters feels terrible for having thought Jane had run away. Jane and Henry instantly rekindle their love, and all the ghosts are set free.

Powers and abilities

Douglas Drew is educated in the subject of ghosts. He is a skilled investigator, and utilizes seances and talismans to aid in his fight with the supernatural.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #2

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