The Ghost Exterminator
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Real Name

Hoku Tamanochi

First Appearance

Cosmopolitan (1904)

Original Publisher

Hearst Corporation

Created by

Gelett Burgess


Hoku Tamanochi was a Japanese occultist who used ancient Japanese formulas and his family's traditional skills to exorcise the ghosts in San Francisco. Hoku sprays the ghosts with an ancient Japanese powder when he finds them; this turns them semi-solid, and he then uses a bellows to capture them. He then seals them in bottles, thus permanently trapping them. Hoku reluctantly teams up with a friend (unnamed), but that friend then attempts to horn in on Hoku's business, using the same methods and makes an additional profit by using radium to reconstitute ghosts. Eventually, this gets his partner in trouble and Hoku is forced to save him.