Ghost from Algol

Real Name


First Appearance

Adventures into the Unknown #8 (Dec. 1949)

Original Publisher


Created by

R.S. Pious


Terry is a scientist working on a "spectroscope" with his assistant Nancy and a man named Ken. The spectroscope creates stellar rays. Ken aims the device at a planet named Algol. Terry wants to eliminate Ken, who is also Terry's rival for Nancy's affections. Terry sets the spectroscope on high. His plans to have Ken trapped in a burst of stellar rays backfires, and Terry dies instead.

Terry's ghost is infected by a creature of evil from the planet Algol. The ghost from Algol hounds Ken and Nancy, on their way to Terry's home. The Ghost of Algol appears, causing them to crash their car. Ken is turned into a ghost, yet is able to save Nancy when she is trapped by the wicked spirits controlled by the Ghost of Algol in Terry's home.

Powers and abilities

The Ghost from Algol can turn immaterial and invisible at will. It can control malevolent spirits. It can also fly through space, taking the spirits it controls with it.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Adventures into the Unknown #8

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