The Girl Detective

Real Name

Sherry Flippe

First Appearance

Suspense Comics #5 (August, 1944)

Original Publisher

Temerson / Helnit / Continental

Created by

Bob Toomey?

Golden Age Origin

Sherry worked at the "Wide Awake Detective Agency" in New York with her boss/partner, Mr. Gribbitts. She enjoyed romance novels and had aspirations of becoming an actress. Eventually, she landed a featured acting role in a G.M.G. Studios movie while she was visiting Hollywood. Mr. Gribbitts had two brothers named Elmo and Jona. Elmo was married and owned Gribbitts Rivets, Inc.

Sherry did not carry weapons, was somewhat accident prone and usually avoided fights, though she was resourceful when confronted with danger. On the case, she did prove to be quite bold and a sharp and tenacious detective.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Suspense Comics #5-8, 10-12

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