Glory Forbes

Real Name

Glory Forbes

First Appearance

Rangers of Freedom Comics #5 (June 1942)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Pagsilang Rey Isip


Glory was the daughter of an engineer who was designing America's newest bomber planes. She was kidnapped by The Scarlet Crab, a Japanese spy ring, who wanted her father's secrets. They brainwashed Glory to kill her father, but the plan failed, thanks to the help of FBI agent, Randy Duncan. After that horrifying experience, Glory decided to dedicate herself to fighting the Scarlet Crab, and all enemies of American society with Western style justice. Eventually she opened her own detective agency and most of her adventures seemed to take place in California.

Glory was a good fighter, skilled in jiu-jitsu and capable of knocking a man out with one punch. She didn't usually carry a gun (as she was usually undercover), but she was proficient with them. She was a skilled actress and apparently, she was an experienced beauty pageant contestant.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Rangers of Freedom Comics #5-7
  • Rangers Comics #8-48


  • Glory rarely looked like the same from issue to issue: she started with black hair, graduated to various shades of brown, and ended up a blonde.

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