Real Name


First Appearance

Target Comics Vol. 1 #5 (June, 1940)

Original Publisher

Novelty Press

Created by

Basil Wolverton


Gorvak is a martian space pirate who tried to escape from Spacehawk and hide his stolen loot in the Grax Mountains of Neptune. This was his usual hideout, and he had killed many of the natives of the region who had crossed his path. When confronted by Spacehawk, he managed to beat the hero in hand to hand combat. Gorvak then tied Spacehawk up with steel cord, and set The Creeping Death, a white Neptunian protoplasmic creature on him. However, Spacehawk managed to free himself, and Gorvak became a victim of the Creeping Death instead. It is unclear if he died or managed to escape.

Gorvak had strong tentacle-like arms, and was equipped with a variety of high tech martian weapons, such as the atom gun. He had his own ship and commanded a small crew of pirates, who he would kill if they failed him.

Golden Age Comic Appearances

  • Target Comics Vol. 1 #5