Grace Harlowe

Real Name

Grace Harlowe

First Appearance

Grace Harlowe's Plebe Year at High School (novel, 1910)

Original Publisher

Created by

Jessie Graham Flower aka Josephine Chase


Grace Harlowe was an idealistic girl who attended Oakdale High School for Girls with her friends, where she played basketball and founded the Phi Sigma Tau sorority. After high school, she attended Overton College, where she and her friends founded Semper Fidelis, a society devoted to aiding less fortunate students at Overton. After College, she rebuffed offers of marriage for "what she had firmly believed to be her destined work," managing Harlowe House at Overton. However, she eventually married Tom Gray, who she knew since high school. She was then active with the Red Cross on the Western front of the first World War, helping American troops along the Rhine, at Chateau Thierry, in the Argonne, and at St. Quentin. Harlowe and Tom returned home from the war with Yvonne, a girl they adopted in France.

Grace was the grand daughter of another Grace Harlowe who was a western adventurer in the 19th century.

Supporting Cast

  • Anne Pierson: One of Harlowe's close friends at Oakdale High School. She also went to Overton College with her.
  • Nora O'Malley: One of Harlowe's friends since before their attendance of Oakdale High School. She is Irish-Catholic, good at singing and basketball, with a hot temper but kind heart. She attends a music conservatory after high school.
  • Jessica Bright: Another old friend of Grace's from before their attendance of Oakdale High School. Jessica is a quiet, gentle girl, good at playing the piano. Unlike her friends, she is motherless and has no brothers or sisters. She is often lonely at home and this leads her to adopt Mabel Allison as her foster-sister. She attended a conservatory after high school.
  • Miriam Nesbit: One of Harlowe's rivals at Oakdale High School. She also went to Overton College with her.
  • Eleanor Savell: One of Harlowe's rivals at Oakdale High School.
  • David Nesbit: Miriam's brother, who ends up married to Anne Pierson. He has an aptitude for mechanics and designed model airplanes in high school.
  • Tom Gray: The nephew of Rose Gray, the 'fairy-godmother'of the freshman class of Oakdale High School for Girls. He is an expert woodsman and ultimately takes up a post in the Department of Forestry. He marries Grace after nearly two years of unsuccessful courtship.
  • Hippy Wingate
  • Reddy Brooks
  • J. Elfreda Briggs: Attended Overton College with Harlowe, and accompanied her in the Red Cross.
  • Grace Harlowe: The leader of a group of riders exploring the Western frontier of 19th century American and having various adventures with bad white men and bad natives. Her granddaughter was Grace Harlowe (II). [Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders Among the Kentucky Mountains by Jessie Graham Flower aka Josephine Chase] (1921)

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