Granite Lady

Real Name

Sheila Sorrel

First Appearance

Police Comics #51 (1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Cole

Golden Age Origin

Granite before

Sheila before becoming Granite.

Sheila was a singer at the Red Angel nightclub. Even though she had a voice like a frog, the singer's good looks would bring in droves of men wanting to wait on her every little need. However her beauty could not get her what she really wanted, to become an opera singer.

She turned everyone of her male admirers, though she was attracted to Plastic Man, down because of heart of stone and their inability to make her an opera singer including both Woozy Winks and Professor Carlon, a scientist. After being shot down, Carlon decided to teach Sheila a lesson and created of formula that would turn her body to stone just like her heart. However, she became living stone instead of a statue like the professor's test subject, his cat.

In her new form, Sheila became violent and murdered three people and nearly robbed a bank before Plastic Man intervened. Plastic Man was able to force feed her an antidote to the professor's formula turning her back to normal with no memory of being Granite Lady.

Powers and Abilities

As the Granite Lady, her body possessed the strength and density of stone making it virtually indestructible, deadly, and bullet proof. She may have had some form of super strength.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Police Comics #51

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