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Great One
Great one

Real Name


First Appearance

Amazing-Man Comics #13 (1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Lubbers and John Marsicano

Golden Age Origin

The Great One was the ruler of the floating continent Eurania and responsible for the kidnapping of several pilots from a Louisiana army base. The Great One's plan was to hypnotize the captive pilots into become his personal air force for world domination.

However, the Scarlet Ace manages to free the pilots from the Great One's clutches, but the villain nearly gets away. However, his escape goes wrong when an air pocket sent the villain into the sea 500 ft. below.

The Great One was criminal armed with advanced technology such as a magnet-ray used to capture planes in flight like a tractor beam. He also possessed about fifty planes and an aircraft carrier to house them which he called his flaoting continent. In addition, the Great One was also a talented hypnotist able to keep dozens of individual under his control. He was also an able pilot and carried a revolver on his person. 

He wore a blue hood and robe that covers most of his face and his loyal soldiers wear similar outfits but with their faces visible.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Amazing-Man Comics #13

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