Great Zarro

Real Name


First Appearance

Great Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher

Great Comics Publications

Created by

Larson Wells

Golden Age Origin

Great comcis -1

Great Zarro and Rags

The man who would become the Great Zarro was an aerielist for a travelling circus billed as "The Eagle-Man".

One day he visited a gypsy who told him his future; she saw him doing great things, that he would have a great tragedy befall him, and that he would fight crime. She ended their session by giving him a box of magical herbs that would help him in his great future.

While he was away, the circus owner encountered Racketeers who threatened the circus and the well being of everyone in it. They carried out their threats by burning the circus down to the ground. The aerielist returned to find the circus destroyed and everyone killed except for one survivor, a boy named Rags. Rags, the son of the circus owner, was also the brother of the aerielist's now deceased lover.

That night they made a solemn vow to devote their lives to fighting crime. The aerielist took the Gypsy's herbs which endowed him with the power of flight and he became the Great Zarro.

Little more is known about the Great Zarro. He fought villains such as Schwindler and Ganzman.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Great Comics #1-3

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