Green Ghost
Green Ghost Text story

Real Name


First Appearance

Scoop comics #8 (1944)

Original Publisher

Harry A.Chesler

Created by


Golden Age Origin

The Green Ghost was a mysterious hero who used tricks much like Ghost Rider to make criminals think they were dealing with the supernatural. He hunts down gangster Sigi and his gang who had kidnapped the son of Fred Miller, an inventor who had designed valuable plans for a television. The gangster warned that if the inventor did not hand over the plans at the cemetery at midnight, his son would be gunned down by a machine gun. Sigi was one of the most notorious gangsters in America and claimed he was not afraid of ghost, however when Green Ghost uses his ghost puppets at the cemetery, he runs scared leaving Miller's son unharmed. However, when Fred goes to thank the Ghost, he has already disappeared.

The Green Ghost had no powers, but outside of his clever tricks, he also used green darts which criminals know are his calling cards. The Green Ghost was also not above lethal force as he killed a gangster by shooting him in the throat with one of his darts. Both his identity and costume are left undescribed in the story.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Scoop Comics #8
  • Danger Comics #17 (Re-print)

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