Green Horror

Real Name


First Appearance

Fantastic Fears #8 (July-August 1954)

Original Publisher

Ajax; A Farrell Publication

Created by

Ruth Roche (?), Ken Battlefield, Jerry Iger


George and Martha Thornton are travelling back home after visiting "Old Mexico". Martha sees a cactus, and insists George pull over so she can take a cutting from it to grow her own. George thinks it's crazy, but he allows it.

The cactus grows well in their garden, as does George's hatred and fear for it. One night, he attempts to chop it up with an axe. To his surprise, the cactus takes the axe from him. Naturally, George screams in terror and runs away. The cactus shows it's prowess with gardening implements by deftly throwing the axe into the back of George's skull.

The next morning, Martha finds George dead. The police chalk the incident up to an intruder, and the incident is over.

After an appropriate time of grieving over George's death, Martha meets another man, Brent, and falls in love. He asks her to marry him, and she accepts. She leaves him to fix celebratory cocktails in the kitchen. Brent observes the cactus, which suddenly turns on him and strangles the poor fellow to death.

Martha hears knocking at the door. She opens it, expecting Brent. It wasn't what she expected when the cactus pulls her to it in an amorous death-embrace.

Powers and Abilities

Green Horror is quite deft with an axe, and able to strangle or stab someone to death with his thorns.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #8

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