The Green Mask

Real Name


First Appearance

All Good Comics (1944)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by



Johnny Green was often aided by his girlfriend, Suzie, who was considerably braver and more outgoing... although her "braveness" always just got her into trouble forcing the Green Mask to come save her. She remained unaware of her boyfriend's dual identity even after he transformed right in front of her, which suggests that the magic involved in the transformation kept any bystanders oblivious to the change.

She was, however, a big fan of the Green Mask, even dressing up as him once for a contest. While on her way to the contest, she was believed to be the real Green Mask and had to fight to survive but, as usual, the real Green Mask had to come save her.

Public Domain Appearances

  • All Good Comics (1944)
  • Green Mask vol. 1 #10 (unnamed but seen)
  • Green Mask vol. 2 #1-5


  • Some sites state she dressed up as the Green Mask and called herself "Miss Green Mask" however, she never used that name (nor did it ever see print in any comic). In truth, she wanted to look exactly like the real Green Mask for a contest and used the name "Green Mask" with no "Miss."
  • In at least one appearance, her name was misspelled as "Susie."
  • It is not known whether the Suzie that appeared in the unnumbered All Good Comics was, in fact, the same Suzie that appeared in volume two of the Green Mask series. In her first appearance, she had brown hair, was not Johnny's girlfriend, and had a brother named Bill. In her later appearances, she was blonde, was Johnny's girlfriend, and the only family she was ever shown to have was a cousin, Ronnie (with no mention of the aforementioned appearance having ever taken place). However, female characters changing hair color at random and poor continuity were staples of Golden Age comics so, who knows?

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