Greg Zhor
Greg Zhor watches captive Joan Vail on screen

Real Name

Greg Zhor

First Appearance

Thrilling Wonder Stories (September, 1940)

Original Publisher

Better Publications Inc.

Created by

Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.


Greg Zhor is a member of the copper-skinned Rihns, a peaceful people descended from the aboriginal Martians and the first terrestrials from Earth to settle on Mars. Zhor rose to prominence due to his research in atomic energy.

The Rhins lived in harmony with the pure-blooded humans until a mechanic named Karragon realized his ability to manipulate the people through his oratory skills. Karragon became dictator of Mars. His followers were called Thelists. He encouraged the Terrestrials to hatred against the Rhins. Greg Zhor is degraded to a test tube cleaner by bigoted Thelist scientists.

As Karragon gives a speech, Greg Zhor intends to use a ray projector to assassinate the tyrant from a nearby rooftop.

Zhor's plans are halted by the appearance of Joan Vail, Greg Zhor's secret paramour. They carry on a hidden relationship due to the oppressive atmosphere that segregates Rhins from engaging in relationships with Terreristrials. She offers a compelling argument to Greg Zhor, suggesting he should direct his energies into secret work to design weapons for use against Thelist forts and ships. Greg and Joan are discovered kissing by Thelist Storm Guards. Both he and Joan are captured and charged related to their improper relationship, according to Thelist law.

Greg Zhor is taken to labor in the radium mines on the Martian moon of Phobus. Joan is forced to work the looms in the great mills of Mercis. Greg Zhor takes a leadership position with the prisoners working the mine. He devises a plan of escape for himself and a group them. Involved in the escape are Mark Victus, Bar El, the elderly Zoab (who looks like a thin "Santa Claus"), and the ill-fated Hensic.


Greg Zhor is versed in the sciences, particularly atomic energy and chemistry He uses rays guns, has leadership capacity, and is a genius at invention.

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