Grollo the Gnome

Real Name


First Appearance

Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer #2 (June, 1967)

Original Publisher

Lightning Comics

Created by

C. C. Beck and Otto Binder


Grollo the Gnome came up from his underground realm to see the stampede of elephants (actually Fatman the Human Flying Saucer running around) but, ended up meeting Lunita, the Moon Witch instead. The two of them joined the Awesome Foursome (along with Brainman and the Patchwork Man).

After Fatman beat the group, Patchwork Man was dead, the Moon Witch was left powerless and returned to her Lunar Lair, Brainman left Earth for parts unknown, and Grollo asked if he could remain above ground. Fatman decided to put him on probation and hire him as his assistant (his sidekick, Tinman, had recently quit super-heroics to go to college).

In the next issue, Grollo is seen as Fatman's cook and travels with him and his butler, Butterworth to Octogonia, using his powers to help Fatman fight Gung-Ho.

Powers and Abilities

Grollo (and all members of his subterranean race) despise the cold and thus, have control over heat and lava.


Having been released in 1967 by a company no longer in existence, the character can be considered an Orphan Work.

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